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Abby Trends was created to celebrate children’s style.  Abby is a spunky 4 year old with a passion for dress up and looking pretty!  We want to share our sense of style with moms and daughters everywhere!  Abby and I hope that we help you learn about some great new designers and boutiques along the way.  We know that most moms don’t have access to boutiques that sell these lines via brick and mortar.  We hope this helps you get a feel for what the clothes actually look like in real life and real play vs just stock pictures!   Feel free to leave questions and comments regarding styling outfits, sizing and more on each post so that you can shop more confidently.  If you have questions about texture, materials, measurements and more – we would be happy to help! Remember, this blog is really intended to show real clothes in real life!

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This is NOT a modeling or photography blog.  Picture are captured with my iPhone as we go about our day to day lives.    We just want to share our sense of style and help other moms and daughters along the way

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-Sarah and Abby

NOTE – Pictures on this blog are property of AbbyTrends and can NOT be used for other purposes.  We will report any misuse or downloading of these pictures.

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18 thoughts on “About Abby

  1. I love your style :) I have started to buy my daughter Matilda Jane clothing over the past year. Where do you purchase all of your Livie and Luca shoes? I really want to get the petal shoes, but they seem to be sold out everywhere. I also heard they run small? Thanks for the information, and I love your fashion sense :)

  2. OMGosh I love these sweet pictures! And I’m pretty sure your daughter MAY have more clothes than mine (which I wan’t sure was possible!). I love the combos you use. I’m new to MJ but LOVE their clothes. I’m waiting on the next platinum upload. So, twitter sometimes announces the upload? Is there any other way to find out? Not sure I’m up for checking and checking and checking the website. :)

    • Thanks! I am glad that you found us! I have a MAJOR weakness for MJ! Their plat uploads are crazy! Honestly, you have to be at your computer waiting and checking. Sometimes they hint on twitter or you hear a rumbling about a load but honestly its like hunting. You get ready and sit and wait and hope that catch sometime…. Its a fun hobby though!

  3. It sure is a fun hobby! I actually caught the LOAD last night.. I only had a few minutes but got a couple cute dresses. So exciting though, geez. Now I understand it a little better. Now to work on my husband’s understanding……..:)

  4. Hi! I absolutely love seeing your daughters Matilda Jane collection and how you pair her pieces together. She is completely adorable! I wanted to ask if you have sold her Sweetheart Knot already? If you haven’t and you are interested in selling, I am really, really wanting to find one for Valentine’s day. I have come across a few Heartbreakers, but not the Sweethearts – and I just love the colors on that one! Please let me know if you have this available – my email is JRuss544@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much!

    • Ahh thanks Jan! I actually have that one stashed away for her to wear this Valentine’s Day :/ Are you on any Matilda Jane resale boards on Facebook? I feel like I have seen some for sale!

  5. Aww, thanks so much for responding! Yes, I am on 3 boards, but I’ve not managed to find one – just the blue heartbreakers, which are also very cute, but I’m going to hold out for sweetheart! Please keep me in mind when you are through with the knot, even if it is after Valentines day, I would very much like to purchase one if I haven’t found it by then. I really appreciate it. Have a great night!

  6. Hi! Cute ideas. I’ve been trying to find the Persnickety Victoria jacket in grey, but of course they have none in her size left. I need a 4T–hoping to use it for our upcoming Christmas card photo shoot. Would you be willing to sell yours? Also, did I see correctly that they have resale boards on facebook or something? Ebay’s had some stuff, but I didn’t know about facebook??

    • Hey Carrie! I don’t think I am going to be selling this one any time soon…. but I can add you to a couple Persnickety resale boards on Facebook. But they are secret so you would have to send me a friend request here: https://www.facebook.com/sarahblevins and then I can add you to them!! Then you can post that you are “In Search of” it and maybe someone will be selling one@ I hope that you find it!!

  7. Hi Sarah!
    I just wanted to thank you for the “hook up”. lol. I appreciate you sharing the wealth, although my husband may not thank you for what has the potential to now become an obsession! LOL. Thanks again.

  8. Hi there. A friend sent me your way. I’m interested in all the resale groups on Facebook. I just friended you. And would love an add to the private groups. I feel like I’m just getting involved in this secret society. Apparently I have a lot to learn about these clothes.

    Have a great weekend.

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