Hey there!   We are always excited to try new brands and work with designers.  While I do not run traditional advertisements on AbbyTrends we do love for Abby to try new brands!  If you are interested in having Abby wear your line please contact Sarah at  More traditional advertising is also available via NewDayNewDeals.

Thanks so much!

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18 thoughts on “Contact/PR

  1. Hi was just looking through your photos and just wanted to ask if you had any 2-4T clothes that your wanted to sell?


  2. Hi, I just found your site while searching for pictures of Matilda Jane? your DD is adorable and you have great style! I Love the Target knee socks youR DD was wearing with the MJ Penny Lap. I tried looking at Target but couldn’t find them. I was wondering if you got them recently? If you ever want to sell them l would love to purchase them! My DD has the Lap dress and the socks just make it IMO.
    Thanks so much, Kim

    • Thanks Kim! I am so glad that you love the blog! Its really fun for me. Regarding the socks, I got them last year :/ I am no help with this one. I always feel bad when people ask about them and they are no longer at Target. I am always trying to find something similar! We will probably keep them for at least another year as they are still a hair big :/ I’m sorry!

  3. Hi! We just found your site and love it. Your DD is so cute! We are new to Matilda Jane and I was wondering…how did you score so many of those beautiful Platinum pieces? It seems impossible to get them? Thanks!

    • Hey there! You know, about 1/2 of them I buy from other people and I catch about 1/2 of them. When I first started I couldn’t catch anything for the first year but after time I got better at it. I am at my computer all of the time so that helps. But, if I didn’t catch something and love it then I usually buy it from another mom. Often times I can get back what I paid so I look at it as an investment :)

  4. I love following your site. I too enjoy many of the same brands as you but also love to find smaller batch, unique pieces. What are some of your favorite etsy shops for girls’ items?

    • You know I am bad about venturing out to Etsy shops… I need to do it more! I like a local shopped called Charmed Fig and I love to just browse it by theme… I have a pinboard on my pinterst (username sarahblevins14) that is called Cute Etsy Finds! I normally pin everything there :)

  5. Stubled across your blog and love your cute combos! I wish I took the time to really plan outfits. It just takes so much time to collect the pieces and then I have no time to do anything other than the “seen that before” stuff.

  6. Perfect! Thanks so much for your quick reply. Please let me know if you will be listing any A. Bird or if all your items are sold already. Thanks so much!

  7. I recently purchased the MJ Plat Under the Tree pheasant top and I’m having a hard time matching bottoms with it. I was wonder if you thought the Swanky Baby Vintage Dunkin’ Booth Blue Triple Ruffle leggings would be cute? I can’t exactly tell if the blues are close enough to look cute. Your daughter always looks great so I knew you’d have a good opinion. :-)

  8. LOVE all of these adorable clothes on this adorable girl!! i want her closet for my daughter:) random question. . . i am searching like crazy for the persnickety yellow dot lucille dress for my daughter for family photos and it is sold out everywhere. any tips or ideas of where to find it? i see that your daughter has had this dress and I LOVE it!!!

    • Ahhh We already sold the one from last year and have a 6 ready for this year… I would just STALK ebay! Set up a saved search for it!

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